Knowit: Taking Low-Code to the Next Level

Taking Low coding to the Next Level

‘Rapid application development tools are the future of development’ – Sanne Ruis, founder Knowit services

There’s been a lot of talk and buzz about rapid application development (RAD) for some time now, the buzz is for a good reason. RAD bridges the development skills gap and lets developers alike quickly and easily build great apps.  In 2018 more than half of all B2E apps were written using rapid app development tools! Sanne Ruis saw the potential of  this RAD niche market already seven years.

Today Knowit is a midsize, agile and informal company using OutSystems and Mendix for large business applications such as case management systems. ‘Our clients like Brabant water, Rabobank, Agro Energy and DJI’ experience great benefits switching to these tools in terms of interaction and speed. The developers can diversify the scope of work by taking up different projects.’

Knowit developers are participating in a while scale of projects. For example, At Agro energy we help develop a real time trading platform for buying electricity and gas. This platform is built using OutSystems and machine learning techniques are used to predict trends in the market.

Knowit is also participating in several projects at Brabant Water where a system is developed to provide realtime support and rout planning to mechanics. Knowit is also executing in house projects. Currently they are working on a dynamic case mamagement system that helps lawyers solves cases more efficiently using the Be Informed development platform.  

The career path at Knowit starts with a few months of training. (Monthly salary is paid out) During this period personal preferences are discussed. Meaning that the developer for a large part can choose his/ her projects. In case a project is not available at that time, the developer together with Sanne will search for a new project. ‘It is important to have an entrepreneurial mindset, meaning seeing possibilities in the market represented.’

Utrecht, Amsterdam, Den Bosh, Gouda, Delft and more..

The goal is to stay a small company with maximum of 15 developers that come together every Friday giving each other support and in hence personal growth. ‘Every developer has a budget of 3000,00 euro to spent on trainings by own choice.’

Gross Salary and Bonus system

0-2 years: 2500,00 – 3000,00 euro
2-4 years: 3000,00  – 4500,00 euro
5+ years : 4500,00 – 6500,00 euro

The bonus of an employee is personal and therefore not company dependent. The employee is entitled to half of his / her turnover, after deduction of the costs of the employee (wages, social security costs, pension, travel costs etc.) and a profit reservation / buffer.

If an employee costs around 70K euro on an annual basis and a profit / buffer of 30K euro is still reserved, the lower limit is 100K. If an employee achieves a turnover of 150K euro , his bonus is 150-100 = 50/2 = 25K euro. The bonus is paid out yearly in January.

Monthly 2600,00 euro  = costs 82K euro yearly = bonus max 15K euro
Monthly 4000,00 euro =  costs 110K euro yearly= bonus  max 18K euro
Monhty  5400,00 euro =  costs 140K euro yearly= bonus max 22k euro


‘We believe in transparency, inclusion and profit sharing’
Sanne Ruis, director Knowit services

Inspired and want to join the team



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