Esti Event Report – IT Jobs Amsterdam: Why is company culture so important to your success?

‘IT Jobs: Why is company culture so important to your success?’

May 18, A Lab Amsterdam

by Stefani Mans

The event kicked off at 19:00 when Anastasia Karnaokov, founder at Esti, explained that we not only recruit but also educate candidates in the professional choices to make so that professional goals & success can be reached; in this session, we will talk about what it means to work for a startup, SME or a scale up and what kind of characteristics you need to possess to be a good fit.

Esti guides/ recruits’ international IT professionals to find work/ cool projects in Amsterdam. Furthermore, Esti provides a soft landing by helping with living arrangements and organising social gatherings to meet like minded and develop a growing network.

Three top notch speakers shared their insights:
‘Corporate: An environment of unlimited opportunities and cultural diversity’
By Anne Parker, author of the book the mobile life and Global Learning and Talent Manager at booking.com

 When considering work in a corporate environment we often think of such an environment as positive. It’s interesting, creative and diverse. However, there are also aspects of a multicultural environment that can be challenging and are important to consider. Such aspects as who has the power and how is it distributed within the company? How much information is passed downwards within the company? How much autonomy and self-drive is expected within employees? How do people communicate, what do they say or leave unsaid, how do they debate and give their opinion? Read more

‘What are the benefits of working for a scale up’
By Marc van Agteren, CEO at Usabilla

 Marc van Agteren used to be part of the corporate world, which was ‘not his cup of tea’. To him it’s all about creating value for his customers and he didn’t feel he could do that within the structures of corporate culture. Since 2011 Marc is the CEO of Usabilla. With his unique view on company culture he realised an award-winning growth of 1176% within three years and made Usabilla the success that it is today. Read more

‘Survival Skills: Working for a start-up’
By Thomas van Arman, founder at Tapp

Thomas founded, amongst others, his own start-up named Tapp where Smart City apps are developed. He truly knows what it’s like to start new initiatives and how to be a frontrunner. He outlined the following aspects you should consider working for a start-up: What are the things to expect? What killer skills do you have to offer?  (Various roles you can expect at a start-up) Working Fast and Furious. (Learn to navigate Scrum and Agile working environments). Furthermore, he gave 5 tips to survive a start-up! Read more

Drinks & good conversations

After the talks the speakers received an Esti gift: a globe that floats in the air due to magnetic fields. Anastasia explained the reasoning behind it: ‘The speakers are writing about the world, traveling and concurring the world.’ Hereafter Anastasia announced that one of the attendees Tobias Marmann, who registered on our Esti website, won a signed copy of Ann Parkers book ‘The mobile life: new approach to
moving anywhere.’

With compliments of Esti, the speakers and attendees stayed for drinks and used this networking opportunity to ask the speakers their burning questions. Quickly our speakers Marc, Tom and Anne each where surrounded by a circle of enthusiastic young professionals and were happy to answer their questions. Anne shared more of her insight and anecdotes in her signature humorist style.


It was a truly great event with lots of laughter and new contacts.
Thank you all for joining us and for the positive feedback we have received.

See you next time!

Team Esti

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