Esti event – IT jobs: ‘What are the benefits of working for a scale-up?’ by Marc van Agteren

What are the benefits of working for a Scale-up?

Marc van Agteren, CEO at Usabilla

By Stefani Mans

Marc van Agteren used to be part of the corporate world, which was ‘not his cup of tea’. To him it’s all about creating value for his customers and he didn’t feel he could do that within the structures of corporate culture. Since 2012 Marc is the CEO of Usabilla. With his unique view on company culture he realised an award-winning growth of 1176% within three years and made Usabilla the success that it is today.

A seamless experience

Marc states that everyone wants a seamless experience whether they are streaming movies or buying a flight ticket online. He explains that a seamless UX is precisely what Usabilla helps to provide by helping their clients listen to their clients.

Redefining the company

He did not start as CEO at Usabilla and the company was struggling financially burning away more than they could handle. When he took the CEO position Marc made the decision to redefine the company. By scaling down to four people and changing the business model the team created a fully new product and re-launched Usabilla. Back then he was the person who did everything, from the technical support and development to cleaning and groceries. Marc states: ‘One of the key characteristics of working for a scale up is that your role will be constantly changing’.

Internationally driven

Now Usabilla is an international company with five offices around the world with over 100 employees from twenty-five different nationalities. He emphasises that the people that you hire not only need to be a scale fit but also a personal fit. This way you can keep a feeling of family within the company despite it is growing at a fast pace.

Working for a scale up?

So how do you know if you are a good fit for a scale up? Marc emphasises that if you want to work for a scale up, it is very important that you are not only able to generate good ideas but also can execute them. Mark concludes: ‘Your role within a scale up will be changing constantly, if you are up for a challenge and like a dynamic work environment with a lot of change a scale up might be the perfect fit for you.’

Voice vs vote

Anastasia asked Marc: ‘Do employees still have a voice, despite the growth of the company’, Marc answered: ‘Everyone still has a voice but not everybody has a vote.’ He explained that giving everybody a vote would inevitably lead to delays in the decision-making process.

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