Sensemakers Internet-of-Things, Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Amsterdam

Sensemakers Internet-of-Things ,Wednesday, October 18 – 17.oo pm

During or meetups we talk and do Internet-of-Things, Sensors, Arduino, RaspPi, electronics and more. Ranging from projects (Air Quality Egg, Open Thermostat, waterbuoy), presentations, events and just getting together to talk. Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested.

Doors open at 17.00 for informal talking and hands-on Arduino for those who want to get started with Arduino or have specific questions/ideas they want to work on. Bring your own Arduino (we have a few) and a laptop if you want to participate.
Around 19.00 we have a few talks/presentations. Typically we close somewhere between 20.00 and 21.00.

– 17.00-19.00 Informal talking & DIY Arduino hands-on
(bring your laptop if you want to participate)
– 18.00 Introduction Makerversity & tour
– 18.30 Pizza offered by Glimworm
– Ca. 19.00-20.00 Talks

Sensemakers Internet-of-Things: LoRaphone, deconstruction paradigm & the Next G

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017, 5:00 PM

Makerversity at the Marine Base
Makerversity, kattenburgerStraat 5, Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL

41 Sensemakers Went

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, agenda:[masked] Informal talking & DIY Arduino hands-on (bring your laptop!)18.00 Tour Makerversity18.30 Pizza19.00 The LoRa Phone & the Deconstruction Paradigm (https://medium.com/@uncleunvoid/lora-phone-the-deconstruction-paradigm-b360dbc93c4b)It is easy to think the internet’s core paradigm is connectivi…

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Contribution Esti 

We believe that in order to stay ahead in todays dynamic IT environment, the development and enhancement of entrepreneurial talent is vital. Esti developers, IT recruitment Amsterdam, selected this event because it is our aim to help involve and educate IT professionals, entrepreneurs and companies about the latest developments in the of IT field, company culture, existing challenges & solutions and successful implementations. It is also a great networking opportunity.