Success story: Sorin Cozma, senior front-end developer

Relocation Story of Sorin Cozma, senior front-end developer

When I was approached by Esti I took the chance to do an introduction talk. Quickly my Skype call with VOGSY was set up. Hereafter it just took a couple of more days for me to get the invite to join the company for a day on site. Even though I had the feeling that it was time for a change, this process went so fast that my mind played a trick on me and I almost declined.

A team member of Esti asked me just in time: Do you want your life to look the same for the next 10 years? Or do you want to gain an international experience? I needed this small push in a new direction to really transform my life coming from Iasi, Romania to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The choice was made I was taking a flight to go for a day on sight.

Day on sight

My flight was on Sunday and due to a delay I missed my connection in Bucharest. I was so happy that a team member of Esti quickly replied to my message and found a solution. I was on the next flight within a couple of hours.  Monday I went to the office of VOGSY and met the whole team.

I worked on some tasks, went for lunch with my team and talked about future plans for the company. In the evening I joined the Esti team for dinner in the city. This day really made my choice to relocate easy. I loved the city and the company and could see creating a future here for me and my girlfriend.


I did my research online in finding a place to stay. It was quite challenging due to the fact that there were about 20 tot 25 people interested in the same appartement. Again very happy with Esti, as they have found a house for us. I live now with my girlfriend in the city center of Amsterdam. Our canal view is amazing!!

When we arrived in Amsterdam a team member picked us up and brought us to the appartement. As it was unfurnished Esti ordered for us an inflatable bed to get us through the first couple of nights. Furthermore, they gave us two public transport passes to explore the city!

Final words

A new chapter of my life is here. I am working now at a cool start-up and have a new city to get to explore. My girlfriend will find a job soon and we look forward meeting friends. Many thanks to Esti for all their efforts and making this happen!


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