Success story: Ivo Goncalves, senior OutSystems developer

Relocation Story – Ivo Goncalves, Senior OutSystems Developer

Ivo Goncalves made a decision to change his zip code from a small town next to Lisbon (Portugal) to the city centre of Amsterdam (Holland).  He wasn’t actually looking for something but when the opportunity presented by Esti developers came into being, he talked with his friends, already living in the Netherlands, and got positive feedback. Equally important is that an international experience made him feel really enthusiastic and it was the right decision to make for his career path.

New employer

Holland Casino is going through a big digital transformation and there are a lot of challenges ahead. It feels good being part of it.  Furthermore, I really like how Holland Casino addresses responsible gaming, it’s not just about making money, the main focus is proving a profound experience for the guests.

Work experience

The biggest difference I experience are the working hours. We have the freedom to decide when to start. People here start work early and leave early. I’m usually in the office around 9:00 hrs and it’s already very crowded and most leave between 16.00 and 17.00 hrs. Although everyone is fluent in English, people tend to talk Dutch.  My company does provide Dutch lessons, which I enjoy. The job and the city make me want to learn it.

Another thing I noticed is that if you miss work for personal reasons (e.g. being sick), people trust you and you don’t have to prove it. Last but not least, I feel very comfortable in using public transport. Back in Portugal I used the car for everything, now I only use the bike and the train.


The whole experience put into place by Esti was flawless. I really enjoyed the day on-site at Holland Casino and it played a big role in me accepting the offer. The huge effort that was made by Esti to adjust the daily schedule to be in sync with mine and the support during the whole interview process made me feel supported.


To be honest I was expecting it to be more difficult given my friend’s feedback. Relocating is tough, I will not deny that however the team of Esti developers played a huge part in making it easier. I still remember having a few phone calls with members of Esti’s team around 10 pm, because I had questions.

When we landed with all of our stuff, we were welcomed at the house. Esti provided public transport cards (OV chip), so we could move around the city and explore it. These are just a few examples of things that made the whole relocation process not a big deal.


Finding a great place to live is perhaps the biggest burden when you relocate, especially if you want to live in a place like Amsterdam. Esti developers has done all the heavy work, the most painful relocation task became the easiest. Through their network they found me and my girlfriend a really nice apartment at a fantastic location in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Final words

I believe that relocating was the best decision that I could have made. I feel being part of a great team, company and an energetic safe city. After placement Esti stayed involved and with intervals asked for an update about my onboarding. After a month we went for a nice dinner and discussed my experiences. Me and my girlfriend are very happy with our life here and we intend to stay in the Netherlands. I want to thank Esti for their support and involvement in making this career step possible. ☺


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