Security Technical consultant –  Utrecht, The Netherlands

Security Technical consultant –  Utrecht, The Netherlands

Do you want to work in security? Do you strive to reducing risk for organisations by optimising intelligence? Do you have the ambition to deliver the best professional security services possible? And do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Then keep on reading!

About the company

This company is a managed security services provider that helps with data leakage, cyber-attacks and hostage of the primary business to prevent possible financial losses and directly damages to corporate image. The security service specialists support the security team of the client, by taking on the technical and functional security challenges.

The company started in 2015 and now serves clients in several countries across Europe and Africa. Clients can be found within the following industries:

  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Automobiles, Automobile Parts and Supplies
  • Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Water Treatment and Utilities
  • Universities
  • Local Government
  • Governmental Bodies and Organisations
  • Charitable Organisations and Foundations
  • Companies offering Cyber Security Services, Network Services and Support
What you will do

It is going to be you responsibility to set up and maintain guidelines and procedures for junior and medior developers. You will be part of a team that generates concepts together to develop the business. This happens on Friday when everyone is in the office. During this day the team supports each other, discusses innovations and exchange ideas. Once every half year the company organises strategic session to discuss the future of the company.

  • specialist in your line of work;
  • experience with end point protection and/or SIEM and/or infrastructure monitoring.
  • Scrum;
  • Passion; desire to evolve; open for change (of possible solutions);
  • Willing to learn Dutch.
  • Yearly salary 50.000 – 65.000 euro incl. holiday allowance of 8 procent;
  • 30 %  ruling, meaning that 30 % of your salary is taxfree;
  • Bonus: choice for money or participation in the company;
  • Friday after work drinks.

Facts about Utrecht

Utrecht is founded 1200 years ago
One of the oldest cities in Holland
4th largest city in the Netherlands
Population of 338,000, expected to have over 420,000 residents by 2040
Dom Tower
112.32 meters tall and is over 600 years old
Transport hub - Amsterdam 20 minutes
Largest station with the most facilities
Characteristic waterside/ canals restaurants
Managed to preserve its local character
Bicycle path
Over 245 kilometers
Maxima Park
Largest urban park in the Netherlands