Success story: Dmitrii Prihodko, senior python developer

Relocation Story -Dmitrii Prihodko, Senior Python developer

On just a typical day I was contacted by a team member of Esti asking me if I would like to change my current situation and take up an exciting international opportunity in the Netherlands.  I have to admit that together with my girlfriend we were already thinking of relocating from Moldova. The opportunity presented by Esti was our final push in the direction to take up the adventure and making our dreams come true.

Work experience

In the past I worked for a company that outsourced their projects. Often, I was programming from home, feeling a bit lonely. Today, I work in the security field for a company called Patchman B.V., located in Enschede the Netherlands. We are securing 15 million websites. The clients are hosting providers. I finally feel part of an amazing team that works together on one common goal.


Moldova is not part of the EU, meaning that before I could start to work in the Netherlands I needed to get a work permit. Fortunately, Patchman B.V. has an IND status. This status allows a Dutch company to give out work permits. After the application procedure was final an MVV (permission to enter the Netherlands) was send to a local embassy for us to pick it up.

Sadly, Moldova does not have a Dutch embassy, so we needed to go to Bucharest, Romania. At the embassy they were very helpful, and we got the documents faster than expected. When we arrived in the Netherlands I could collect my work-permit at the Expat centre of Enschede.

Relocation Guidance

Me and my girlfriend always wanted to live in a smaller city with a lot of nature. She wanted to live in the Netherlands and I was really interested in German Castles. We won the jackpot on this. Enschede is a small town in the Netherlands close to the border of Germany!

Moving was a bit stressful: deciding what to take with and what to live behind and so on. It was nice to experience that a team member of Esti could answer all of our burning questions. They also helped us out setting all the appointments with local authorities and arrange all needed. Furthermore, they helped us out finding housing in Enschede. This took a bit of time, but we are getting settled in now and exploring the city.

Final words

The Esti team made me feel that I was a priority. They helped me to find the next step in my career. Furthermore, they provided guidance in getting a work-permit, registration and receiving my social security number. After we arrived in Holland they met us to ask about our experience so far.

I would definitely recommend an international experience to all developers. I got my dream position and it feels like Christmas in August!


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