Back end Developer Magento 2 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Back end Developer Magento 2 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Do you love to build sustainable applications by writing high quality code, instead of rushing the tasks? Do you dream about design patterns, coding guidelines, CI tooling and deployment systems? Do you want to build in-house software, which should last for years? And do you want to be part of a team where your suggestions and input is highly appreciated?

About the Company

This company is an ambitious startup in Amsterdam that specialises in developing and marketing its proprietary solutions bespoke for the pharmaceutical market. The aim is to disrupt the pharmaceutical market through the innovative patient-centered product development. By being part of the team, you will be contributing to the solution of a growing problem: the escalating healthcare and prescription drug costs, which are putting lives at risk.

Every day, new changes to these shops are being made to increase conversion, making them faster, improving the security and adding new features.  This means that four well visited Magento 1 webshops are still being maintained until they are migrated to Magento 2 Enterprise.


Within the company Magento 2 Enterprise shops are with a lot of external connectors maintained and extended. They are also in the process of transitioning four remaining Magento 1 webshops to Magento 2 Enterprise. Your position would be a combination of both tasks, where you get a lot of freedom to improve the system as you see fit. Every day new feature requests are being generated. They run their company based on trust, freedom and prefer to manage as less as possible. Therefor, we give you a lot of freedom. This includes organizing your own work, suggest improvements and new ideas, plus build your own processes.

  • Building new features within our existing Magento 2 Enterprise shops;
  • Keep the security of all platforms on a very high level, due to sensitive client data;
  • Constantly improve the usability, accessibility and performance of the shops;
  • Migration of four remaining Magento 1 shops to Magento 2 Enterprise;
  • Setting up new Magento 2 projects from scratch (upcoming shops);
  • Integrate React/PWA within Magento 2 along with your colleague frontend developers;
  • Implementing the latest releases of Magento 2 and the new features it offers (i.e. Pagebuilder in 2.3)
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience as a PHP developer within a professional IT company;
  • Degree is a bonus not a must;
  • Proficient in Magento 1 – plus you’re also keen on using Magento 2;
  • Basic knowledge regarding Scrum;
  • High level of  the English language.
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • Working in an International company with offices in Canada and Philippines.
  • An informal working environment, with a pool table and frequent team parties;
  • The ability to build a new startup company in Amsterdam from scratch, where your input is valid;
  • an awesome office in Amsterdam, easily reachable by public transport;
  • a personal budget for training courses and events to keep improving yourself and the company.
  • 30 procent ruling (30 % of your salary is taxfree)

Facts about Amsterdam

A major economic center
3rd in the Global Innovation Index 2017
The largest city in the Netherlands
Population of 853.312
165: That’s the number of canals
Waterways add up to more than 100 kilometers
30 minutes away by High speed train to Rotterdam
30 minutes to The Hague & 25 minutes: Utrecht
881,000: That’s approximately the number of bicycles
Oddly enough, less people living in the city
The population is one of the most diverse in Europe
180 different nationalities and 45 per cent ethnic minorities
Booming night life
1,515: That’s the number of bars and cafes in Amsterdam