DevOps Engineer – Enschede, The Netherlands

DevOps Engineer – Enschede, The Netherlands

Are you security minded software developer who loves to be challenged? Would you like to work for one of the fastest growing security start-ups in The Netherlands? And do you want to join the mission to proactively protect and secure every website on the planet and revolutionise the hosting industry?

About the company

The client base of this company consists of large web hosting providers all around the globe. Security is – obviously – extremely important to them. However, there’s one layer of the security stack the clients have little or no control over: the code of their end users. As most websites use standard software as a foundation (up to 30% of the web is running on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) hackers continuously exploit security vulnerabilities in these foundations to upload and execute malware. Effectively, this allows hackers to run any malicious code they want. For example: to send spam, launch DDoS attacks or inflict far worse damage.

This company comes to the rescue, offering web hosting providers a fully automated SaaS solution to index security vulnerabilities/risks and resolve them by automatically applying safe backported patches and by defusing malware. On top of that, offering a web app that helps all stakeholders (including security officers, system administrators, helpdesk employees and end users) to operate and keep the web secure.

Your role

As a DevOps engineer you will be directly responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that hosts our products and services. Patchman consists of a variety of custom-built Python applications, each with different requirements and specifics; your job is to ensure the infrastructure hosting those applications is optimized and tailored to each application’s needs and ensure the systems perform smoothly at all times. You will be working with the development team responsible for the applications, and will be required to develop an understanding of the applications’ inner workings in order to contribute to their uptime.

The platform contains a variety of clusters using proven technologies, such as PostgreSQL-based database clusters and RabbitMQ-based message queue clusters. All of these specialized clusters need to be configured and maintained to ensure high availability, reliability and performance at all times. You will be using orchestration tools such as Puppet to automate your workflow, and there are monitoring systems such as Zabbix at your disposal to pre-empt system outages. Among your responsibilities are not just using and maintaining these tools, but also continuously being on the outlook for improvements and new technologies that can be added to the operational arsenal.

Your responsibilities
  • Maintaining the infrastructure hosting our custom software stacks; keeping all systems secure and up-to-date, ensuring availability at all times and performing necessary maintenance.
  • Working with our development team to tailor the platform to the custom software’s needs, and supporting the developers in optimization and debugging efforts of our products.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining new technologies for clusters of e.g. databases, message queues or storage.
  • Expanding and specializing our monitoring on both the infrastructure and the application level.
  • Supporting our development team through development and maintenance of our DTAP street.
  • Developing tools to streamline and automate tasks such as software updates, data migrations and horizontal scaling.
  • Rolling out new geographically separated hosted software stacks.
  • Work with external firms on security audits.
What d0 you need? 
  • You have a passion for maintaining highly available, high-performance infrastructure managing large volumes of data.
  • You have experience with maintaining SaaS applications and tailoring platforms to the requirements of custom software stacks.
  • Advanced knowledge of Nginx and PostgreSQL. RabbitMQ and Redis are a plus.
  • Experience with managing large platforms using Puppet.
  • Experience with logging and monitoring using Zabbix and Graylog (or equivalent, e.g. ELK).
  • Several years of relevant work experience in Software Engineering and/or System Operations.
  • Self-driven work ethic. You need to love taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.
  • Fluent speaker of English.

Facts about Enschede

University of Twente
700 tech spin-offs companies
Innovation Campus Twente
380 companies with over 6300 commercial jobs
Start-up City
50 to 60 added every year
158 nationalities
Population of 158.542
Oude Markt
Surrounded by various cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.
Sport City
Won twice the award of the year
Royal Grolsch Brewery
One of the oldest of the Netherlands