Success story: Leonid Nasedkin, senior python developer

Relocation Story of Leonid Nasedkin, senior python developer

When I received the invite from Esti to connect and discuss the opportunity in the Netherlands I was working as a developer in Cyprus. Me and my wife together with our dog relocated to the island a while back to enjoy the sun and the beach. Although It was fun, we believed that to find our roots and plan our future it was time to move to the mainland.

Esti provides a possibility for a day on sight at the company in Enschede. During this day I got to know the product, the team and the city. Knowing what my life will look like made the choice easy to join! Today I work for a scale up in the security sector. We are growing fast and it is exciting to be part of a winning team. I have the chance to express my ideas on the product and see it evolve.


The main difference with my previous jobs is the level of structure we have within the company. Before It was expected of me to work longer working hours and deliver the work as fast as I can. Here we we work with scrum methodology, meaning that all tasks are well planned and evaluated. Yes, it slows the proces a bit down but the quality of code truly increases!

Relocation guidance

Esti provided full support with this. I was able to ask all of my questions during any given time of the week. Yes, even weekends. As I am not an EU citizen I needed to get a work visa that I had to collect at the Dutch embassy. The paper work took two weeks longer than expected due to a technical problem at the Dutch governmental office. Oh, well.. that is life I guess. Some minor inconveniences, all worked out in the end!


Esti works together with a real estate company who took care of the rental proces smoothly. It was not needed for me to be in the Netherlands to view it. I was asked to send in my documents needed to sign the contract. The agent responsible for the appartement picked us up on Sunday from the train station to guide us the way. Our house was unfurnished. It took us a week to get the basics to be comfortable. 🙂

Final words

Me and my wife are committed to settle down in the Netherlands and make our plans for the future a reality. As my wife is a freelancer and works from home it is very important for her to have a lot of social interactions to feel happy. At the moment we are making efforts to establish our circle of friends. Through social media we met like minded and were invited for visits. Slowly but surely we are getting there!


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