K2VIEW: Data migration zero impact on the business operations ‘Changing tires while going 80 km per hour’

Data migration
Zero impact on business operations
‘Changing tires while going 80 MPH

‘No other company approaches data the way we do, and once clients understand how we’re different, a light bulb goes off.’ – Barak Gablinger, VP Customor Delivery at K2VIEW

In today’s world data is exploding, no surprise there but what is surprising is the increase in the movement of data. Data migrations have become far more commonplace and more complicated. They do not happen in a vacuum as the business need to keep rolling. This means that it has become important that mission-critical data can be managed without impacting the business or production systems. This led to the creation of the core product: K2View Fabric.

K2View Fabric

Our goal is to provide enterprises access to data from disparate data sources to expedite digital transformation, IT modernization and next-generation data initiatives.’  It is built on ‘Logical Unit’ that enables organizations to model data around what matters most to their business, regardless of where that data is stored.


Using this approach, the unit reconstitutes all the data into to the entity level, being a consumer, a product or a campaign. The platform pulls the data for each unity individually, preforms the require transformation and distributes into the target system providing operational data real time. ‘Our solutions have conquered the most diverse data challenges across all industries – and across the globe. This unique innovation program earned K2VIEW the Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ award as one of the most innovative data management products.

Data market

Today K2View has catapulted to the top of the data management market with clients that run the gamut from the most complex Fortune 500 organization to innovative mid-market and small companies. ‘We select project based on the line of business and the technology that is used and concentrate on those we know we will be successful in.  This enables us to be self-capitalised and to grow in an incredible speed.’

View: K2VIEW fabric whitepaper

Amsterdam & Maastricht

To support and align with clients in Europe K2VIEW has recently expanded to the Netherlands having their bases in two cities: Amsterdam and Maastricht. The first projects are for VodafoneZiggo. ‘Our technology is horizontal, so while we’ve primarily focused on telecom, we’re also looking to quickly broaden outside of the vertical in the future.’


The company is flat organised and employs 120 professional’s world-wide. ‘Our environment is categorised as fun, smart, fast and innovative.’ The talent behind K2VIEW is incredible consisting of the technical team that includes R&D, Q&A, Delivery and DevOps, continuing to expand in these areas to meet the needs of the clients. ‘For the Netherlands we aspire to attract Dutch developers to have the Dutch DNA culturally wise within our company. We believe that this will bind us to the people and companies not only technologically.’

Career paths

There are two career paths within K2VIEW: becoming a technology expert or taking the managerial route. ‘If you want to own your own career path – we offer less structure and more autonomy.’ The path always begins with a couple of weeks training at the premises of VodafoneZiggo to understand the product to become part of a team that changes the way people look at data validation, enrichment, testing and migrations making it easier and faster.

Inspired and want to join the team?

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