Success story: Mihai Cindea, senior DevOps engineer

Relocation Story of Mihai Cindea, senior DevOps engineer

Time flies when you are having fun!

It has been one year ago that I was invited for a day on sight to join the company Patchman in the Netherlands. Afterwards, during dinner, I was telling with excitement to a team member of Esti about my first impressions. I strongly believed in the product and the team.

I remember to continue to describe the city: ‘Enschede is amazing, especially the bike lanes. So many bikes everywhere, I love it.’ Currently me and my girlfriend Julia are living in Apeldoorn. Julia has found a front-end developer job in Amersfoort, so we have decided to move to a city in the middle.


Today all developers at Patchman get one day a month to work on their own projects and present it at the end of the day, which is called Dev day. It is important to slow down a bit and think about what can be improved.

This in turn leads to new ideas and contributes to the optimisation of the product. The first time around I created a tool that we still use today. There is also a possibility to get up to date or follow extra trainings. Lunch and dinner is provided by the company during Dev day!


We moved to the Netherlands because of my work at Patchman and the quality of life. At the moment I do not miss a lot about my home country. I am planning to stay here a while, so we can save up money to buy a house and start a business. I do plan to go back to Romania when the political situation changes but the Dutch way of living is pretty comfortable so I am not sure yet. The bureaucracy is not a struggle, everything is taken care of and I do think I will get spoiled.  Every seven to eight months I go back for a visit to see my family!

Social Network

To be honest we did not really put an effort to meet a lot of Dutch people. Sure, we know a couple and some Romanian friends that we have here and also in Belgium. I do have a funny story to tell: When packages are delivered and you are not at home the postman leaves it at the neighbours. This is how I met them all and to my surprise one neighbour who is a Dutchman could speak Romanian!


We refer to spend our free time visiting the many music festivals in the Netherlands. In the future we are planning to visit also cultural ones, like theater, art and food festivals. We are vegans, I heard that some of the food trucks have choice for us!

Dutch Language 

I started to learn Dutch using Duolingo app. I do know a couple of phrases now, like: Hoe gaat het? It is fair to say that I am at no level yet. My girlfriend Julia has been learning it for quit some time so she is much better than me.


When people asked me when I was young: What do you want to be? I always replied: I want to be a tourist. Since we moved to the Netherlands we went on short city trips. We are now planning to go backpacking mostly in Asia.  I am very excited about this. We are able to do this because Holland has way better connections and cheaper flights.

The experience of moving to the Netherlands has broadened my horizon! Mihai Cindea, Senior DevOps engineer



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