VOGSY: Passing on the Baton in the Google Cloud Ecosystem – Service automation from quote to cash

Passing on the Baton
in the Google Cloud Ecosystem
Professional Services Automation from quote to cash

Interview Leo Koster – CEO VOGSY

By Esti

‘We are a start-up with a financial umbrella that keeps us out of the rain and gives us the space to develop exciting software at our own pace.’ 
When it comes to business processes involved in selling, from creating initial offers for prospects to collecting cash relevant information needs to be available easily. VOGSY is the only one in the market as an extension of G Suite in the Google cloud that gives access to monitor the whole process on any device every minute of the day.

The software displays all links in the Quote to Cash process that begins with the quote and goes into projectmanagement, planning, services delivery and invoicing. All professionals involved work in one cloud system giving each other tasks by passing on the baton while keeping track of completed assignments.

The target group is: companies who work project based like IT firms, marketing, and consultancy agency tired of using multiple systems and want to have one a single source of truth. ‘With your cell phone you can manage opportunities, projects and clients’
VOGSY started four years ago as a division of AllSolutions, a well-established successful online ERP software company. ‘AllSolution software works perfectly but it does not really fit the user experience of the mobile generation.’
To bridge this gap and stay relevant in the market appealing software needs to be developed using the newest technology. ‘We choose to start from scratch by creating professional services automatization software that is fun, innovative, web-based and totally cool!’
The team of VOGSY consists of IT developers that make it all happen, keeping up with the latest trends to enhance the user experience. ‘We work Agile where maximum story points are determined per sprint, refined, attached to an issue and afterward evaluated.’
The subjects come in from different channels such as feedback from the developers, the sales department and the client. This means that within the company everything can be put to discussion, discarded and rebuilt. ‘Our product looks completely different from fours years ago.’
References are already generating New Business. ‘I heard from one of the new clients that he heard that the VOGSY software is brilliant! Today the ambition is to become a worldwide player. To do so all team members of VOGSY build on one common goal: to win the trust of the companies to store their business data within VOGSY software in Google cloud!

Inspired and want to join the team?

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