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Culture Quake: 4 Things That Will Shake Up the Work World in the 2020s


If you thought the 2010s were a disruptive decade for workplace culture, wait until the 2020s arrive.

In the next 10 years, you can expect the trends that rocked workplace culture — like the proliferation of remote and flexible work options, social activism, and millennial job hopping — to keep on rocking it. Alongside these, however, we’ll also see more seismic changes that will turn old thinking on its ear.

We’ve already had some hints about what these changes will be, as they began to appear on the fringes in the latter part of the decade. In the 2020s, they stand a good chance of becoming the new normal.

Here are our predictions for the trends and events that will bring the biggest shakeups to the work world in the next decade, along with some surprising side effects of these changes:

1. Pay Transparency

We are already halfway there, with sites like Glassdoor adding salaries to job postings and nations enacting laws to foster gender pay transparency. We think the demand for pay transparency will only grow in the 2020s, and firms will see the benefits transparency can bring to job satisfaction and retention.

In the beginning, getting companies to adopt pay transparency will be like ripping off a band-aid: painful, but it will promote the healing of a lot of simmering workplace resentments. By the end of the 2020s, pay transparency will be the new normal, and as a result, the average company will likely see more job satisfaction and better retention.

Surprising Side Effect: It was hard for top-level execs to justify earning many multiples more in salary than the managers who reported to them in the 2010s, but it’ll get even harder in the 2020s. Look for a more level paying field between managers and the C-suite as a result.

2. The Blurring of Business/Community Boundaries

The social activism that sprouted in the 2010s will flower into a very different form of business mission and purpose as the next decade rolls on. In 2019, the Business Roundtable fired the shot heard ’round the world on this topic, declaring that businesses need to serve more than shareholder interest — they need to serve all stakeholders, including their employees and the community at large. This declaration was driven by the increasing demands among employees and consumers that organizations take a stand on social issues.

In the 2020s, companies will make serving their communities an integral part of how they do business; more businesses will respond publicly to pressing social concerns and support community schools and social services. How this plays out will be interesting to see, especially considering how the increasing popularity of remote work puts more employees in their communities for longer periods.

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