Implementer expert – Maastricht / Düsseldorf

Java implementer expert – Maastricht/ Düsseldorf

Do you want to work in the field of Data Management and Data Migration as an implementation expert? Do you want to create execute and testing of implementation rules? And develop functions for advanced data management?

About the Company

The company is a leading software product for Data Management and data Migration providing core capabilities that underpin digital transformation: giving large enterprises real-time access to their data, across silos, through a single platform. The software is designed to solve the entire problem of accessing and delivering the most important data to power the operations.

  1. Speed to market: Deploying transformational solutions within 3 months.
  2. Liberate data from any source: Data can be accessed, out-of-the-box through automation and graphical controls, without impact to current systems.
  3. Organized logically: Organizes data by what matters (e.g. customer, product, store)
  4. Data is fast: Moving data in real-time, optimized for the operation.
  5. Secure: Encrypting at the business entity instance and data element level, making mass breaches nearly impossible.
  6. Agile: Adding or changing data or transformation logic is fast and requires no downtime.
  7. Low hardware cost: Deployed on small footprint commodity hardware and needs very little storage.

The IT professional will develop in Java and perform data mining activities. He will collaborate with technical and business people in order to perform the development activities. In addition, the position will require to support executions and testing which will be performed by different teams.

The professional will be a viable candidate for some management roles in ~2 years. There are 2 paths – management, expert. In addition, we are not confining a person to a specific team and it might even be a natural path to move into the Pre-Sales as he builds his experience and if he has good communication skills

The project is at least 3 years. At the moment only Vodafone/Ziggo, others coming in areas nearby Maastricht. Expansion to Germany is very concrete, the project just started in Germany and others will follow.

  • Creation of implementation rules
  • Execution and testing of implementation rules
  • Implement business requirement into technical solution using the company products
  • Development of functions for advanced data management
  • Delivering technical training about the product to the customer
  • Client’s technical support
  • Work at clients site
  • B.SC- Information system, Industrial Management, Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of implementation experience
  • 3+ years of Java experience – Mandatory
  • 3+ years of SQL experience – Mandatory
  • 1+ years of experience working on Linux – Mandatory
  • PHP Experience – Advantage
  • Experience working with Distributed DBs – Advantage
  • Good interpersonal skills – Mandatory
  • Fluent English- Mandatory
  • Fluent German- Advantage
  • Outstanding career progression opportunities
  • Salary range: 65.000 to 75.000 euro

Facts about Maastricht

Meuse river
“Maastricht” means “Crossing the river Maas.”
Considered the oldest city
Population of 122,397 inhabitants
Historical university city
Over 16,000 students - 50% of the students are international
8,859 companies
3 million people visit annually
Vibrant cultural scene
World’s largest art fair: TEFAF
Birthplace of the European Union
and the European currency, the Euro.
Booming night life
The city has 460 bars and restaurants