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Qld finally releases QR code check-in app

By Justin Hendry

The Queensland government has finally rolled out a QR code check-in app that hospitality venues and other businesses can use for contact tracing purposes.

The Check In Qld app went live over the weekend following weeks of testing and trials at more than 204 venues between Cairns and Ipswich.

Queensland is the last jurisdiction to release such an app, with all other states and territories having introduced similar apps since last September.

NSW and the ACT have had their apps in place since September, with Victoria and the NT following suit in November and SA, WA and Tasmania in December.

Like other jurisdictions, Check In Qld requires that users only enter their details once, while also allowing users to add the names of any dependents.

It is based on the ACT’s Check In CBR app, which digital economy minister Leeanne Enoch said has “proved safe and reliable having undergone extensive… testing”.


Data is “stored securely by the Queensland government for 30 to 56 days”, with data only to be used if required for contact tracing purposes.

Enoch has urged hospitality venues to register to use the app, which is currently voluntary for all businesses.

Businesses that do not take up the app will still need to continue to collect and store details electronically.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the app “simplifies compliance with public health directions for all hospitality venues” and provides a consistent check-in process for citizens.

“Having a safe and consistent check-in app has been a top priority, as we embrace the ‘new normal’ of a Covid-safer environment,” She said.

“Importantly, the app removes some of the everyday burdens of Covid-19 restrictions for licenced venues, cafes and their customers.”

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