Benefits of working with us

Relocation to Amsterdam

In Amsterdam the amount of professionals needed is growing by the minute. We provide you with access to our outstanding partner network in order to find your ideal job here.

Coolest Projects

We understand you want to work on something challenging and groundbreaking. We are always searching for the right work environment with exciting projects where you can continuously improve yourself.

Social network

Work alone can not define your full happiness. Having friends and like-minded people around you is equally important. We organize fun gatherings and meetups to build your local network of friends.

The Netherlands is one of the most wired countries in the world

The Dutch government is changing its migration policy making it more attractive for international IT professionals to find employment in the Netherlands

60% of all Forbes 2000 IT companies
have established operations in Holland
Hotspot for Global gaming industry
Guerrilla Games, Perfect World, Kixeye and Activision Blizzard
Largest security cluster
and one of the most advanced markets of data centres

We create opportunities for you to achieve your goals

You will work with innovative companies and progressive projects, so you can expand your portfolio. Working for multiple companies is always an option.


Moving to a new city means that you need to find a new residence. We will help you by providing the right tools in the search for a location that suits your needs. You will feel right at home.

Our clients are the top 20 IT companies of Amsterdam

Our reviews

Esti is a recruitment agency that really delivers what they claim. We have hired a high skilled OutSystems Developer from Portugal. The selection of the professional was done in a proficient manner. The first presented candidate was spot-on which saved us a lot of time. Furthermore, Esti provided relocation guidance to make the onboarding easy. Very happy with their services!
Mario der Weduwen
CIO Holland Casino
I made a decision to change my zip code from a small town next to Lisbon (Portugal) to Amsterdam. The opportunity presented by Esti developers made me really enthusiastic about an international experience. The whole journey put in to place by Esti was flawless. The guidance during the whole interview process made me feel supported. Furthermore, Esti played a huge part in making relocation easy. Thank you!
Ivo Goncalves
Senior OutSystems developer
Esti has a different approach in getting the attention of the scarce IT professionals available, meaning also that Esti develops company branding items for their clients. This plays a significant part in interesting top-notch professionals to get excited about your company. Esti has my recommendation!
Leo Koster
CEO AllSolutions
I really transformed my life by relocating from from Iasi, Romania to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am now working for a cool start-up and live on the canals in the city center. Esti helped me during the interview process and found an apartment for us. I am excited about this new chapter in my career!
Sorin Cozma
Senior, front-end developer
I believe it is great that Esti provides a possibility for a day on sight at the company. During this day I got to know the product, the team and the city. Knowing what my life will look like made the choice to relocate easy! Me and my wife are committed to settle down in the Netherlands and make our plans for the future a reality. Thank you to the team members of Esti!
Leonid Nasedkin
Senior Python developer
We were looking for a senior front -end developer with experience in business software. During the interviews we checked the tech skills, motivation to move to Amsterdam and commitment to join VOGSY. The developer joined us for a day on sight for us to have a better understanding if there was a match within the team. We are happy to say that Esti found the perfect fit and unburdened us with relocation hustle by providing guidance to him!
Leonid Nasedkin
Senior Python developer
The whole recruitment process was smooth and fast. The team of Esti developers was always supportive and professional, going above and beyond to make sure the relocation was painless helping me and my girlfriend with the rental process. After we arrived in the Netherlands, they also provided consultancy with necessary documents for the 30% ruling. So, all in all I'd give them 5 out of 5!
Mihai Cindea
Senior DevOps engineer
In striving to always remain innovative, we want to build a diverse and international team for fresh perspectives. Esti has been a great help in doing that for us. We have a wide variety of teams (Python, PHP, C/C++ and DevOps) and Esti has been able to provide us with quality profiles for each of these. We were able to hire our first senior IT professional within 2 weeks, also thanks to their great support in relocation.
Jelmer Verkleij
CTO Patchman
The Esti team made me feel that I was a priority. They helped me to find the next step in my career. Furthermore, they provided guidance in getting a work-permit, registration and receiving my social security number. I would definitely recommend an international experience to all developers. I got my dream position and it feels like Christmas in August!
Dmitrii Prihodko
Senior Python developer
Esti's proposal to join at Betty Blocks was really well-timed as I was looking for a challenging projects related to Elixir! During the relocation stage they have provided me informational support according making visa for non-EU citizens, the cost of living and how to create my social network. They also continued to be interested in my life after relocation.
Eugen Rubshko
Senior Elixir developer